Machine Safety By Design Pty Ltd is a specialist company focussed on training and consulting for the design-based risk minimisation of machinery, plant and equipment. Risk elimination or minimisation by design has long been recognised by law in Australia and New Zealand as the highest order of risk control, in the hierarchy of risk controls. This is based on the fundamental concept that administrative controls such as standard operating procedures, PPE, signage etc are all dependant on human behaviour and therefore have a high probability of failure over time.

A carefully thought through design, based on well established principles defined in Australian and international standards will both reliably minimise the risk and the dependance on human behaviour. The consultants who deliver the training and risk assessment services for MSBD are highly regarded in the industry with long term membership and chairmanship of the standards committee for AS 4024.1 “Safety of Machinery” together with a range of other machine specific standards for many years.They have delivered training  and OH&S services to many hundreds of organisations both large and small throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The standard was completely revised in 2014 under Frank’s chairmanship and a number of additions and updates have occurred in 2015-2018 for the 2019 edition which will be covered in his in-house and public training courses. Please contact training@msbd.com.au for further details.